mission & vision

Our goal is to design, produce and sell products that make life easier and more playful for families of all kinds. Family-created and woman-owned, we are a business that is founded and grounded in a belief in the importance of social and environmental responsibility.  To that end, we source organic and sustainable materials and produce locally in California.  Our signature product, the Bombshell™, is our modern take on the housedress, and is perfect for any new mom. Finally, we hope that through our company, we will create a welcoming platform to raise awareness for open adoption, recognizing that family is created in all sorts of ways.  

Tolutina® co-founder Bobbie Celeste recounts how her idea ignited a spark in her daughters that led to a new company!

about the tinas

Bobbie: psychologist, peace corps alum, (grand) mom |  Over 35 years ago, when her daughters (Christiana & Liz) were wee ones, Bobbie had the spark that led to the eventual development of Tolutina® and the Bombshell™.  Distraught by the feeling of wanting to avoid her children's sticky-handed hugs after she was dressed for work,  she was sure there had to be a solution that would allow for a more loving response to her girls.  She made a few simple prototypes and held fast to the idea, thinking someday she would release it into the world to make life easier and more beautiful for families everywhere.  She was so excited when her daughters, now also mothers themselves, wanted to bring the idea back to life.  

Bobbie Celeste

Christiana: marketing guru, kickball captain, mom  |  During the first year or so of her son's life, Christiana had been trying to (unscientifically) predict the timing and patterns of her son's spit-up in order to prevent the inevitable clothing disasters.  Just as Bobbie did, Christiana has witnessed the baby shunning orchestrated by her husband dressed in his crisp business suit and the many (many) costume changes she endures on a daily basis. Remembering her mom's idea, Christiana was the driving force to bring the family together to pursue this endeavor. She is our fearless leader.


Liz: photographer, hike leader, mom  | When this adventure started, Liz had two kiddos under the age of 5, and she knew messes. When her sister approached her about diving head first into this project, she was a bit skeptical but then her kids had yogurt for breakfast, spaghetti for dinner and popsicles for dessert...